The OGCA is pleased to provide an industry resume posting service for the following categories:

  • Superintendent
  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • Health & Safety
  • General Labourer
  • IT Specialist
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Other

How to submit a resume:

  • Send your resume to
  • In the Subject Line, type:  Resume Posting Submission: <fill in category to be posted in>
  • Resumes must be submitted in pdf format only – resumes not submitted in pdf format will not be posted
  • Resumes will automatically be deleted from our posting site after 90 days.  Should you wish to have your resume reposted, you must resubmit it at that time, as per the above requirements

The OGCA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the posted resume.

Name Category
Kim Kurcz – Accounting Accounting, Resumes
Malgorzata Kolbe Project Manager, Resumes
Stephen Chen – Superintendent/Project Manager Project Manager, Superintendent
Maurizio Di Cunzolo – OHS Health & Safety, Resumes
Nadder Awad – Project Manager Project Manager, Resumes
Nader Najafizadeh – Project Manager / Superintendent Project Manager, Resumes, Superintendent, Uncategorized
Patrice Smith – Accounting Accounting, Resumes
April Donich – General Labourer General Labourer, Resumes
Stephen Chen – Engineering Engineering, Resumes
Suryakant Sharma – Architect Other, Resumes
S. Khan Estimator, Project Coordinator, Resumes, Superintendent
Rolando Cura – Civil Engineering Engineering, Resumes
Joyce Persad – Admin Assistant Other, Resumes
Glenn Fischer – Superintendent Resumes, Superintendent
Tanmoy Chakraborty – Design Engineer Other, Resumes
Laxmi Kuckreja – Architect Other, Resumes
Patrick Rettig – Management Construction Management, Resumes
Saravanakumar.R – Estimator Estimator, Resumes, Uncategorized
Masroor Ahmed – Project Manager Project Manager, Resumes
Jessica Parks – Project Manager Project Manager, Resumes
Brendan Johnston – Civil Engineering Engineering, Resumes
Ahmed AlYassin – Project Manager Project Manager, Resumes
George Jurcic – Supervisor Resumes, Superintendent
Patrick Chambers – Superintendent / Engineer Engineering, Resumes, Superintendent
Nelson Fowler – General Labourer General Labourer, Resumes
Edward Jackson – Civil Engineering, Project Management Construction Management, Engineering, Project Coordinator, Resumes
David Thomson – Carpentry Other