OGCA in association with Benefit Partners is pleased to make available to its membership one of the most cost effective solutions for employee benefit plans through the OGCA Collective Purchasing Program for Employee Benefits.

Membership in the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) collective purchasing group insurance program offers a way to benefit from the purchasing power of a very large group.

Benefit Partners has vast experience in the field of designing, managing and implementing collective purchasing plans. Its work for other organizations has resulted in long-term tangible and measurable savings for plan participants. The result is a highly successful collective purchasing plan.  With other collective programs Benefit Partners client retention rate has achieved a 97.5% factor over 7 years!  These results are testament to the power of collective purchasing and the superior service and long-term cost savings associated with it.

Benefit Plan Savings Calculator

Why pay more premium than you have to? Take advantage of being part of a larger group. Use the calculator below to determine how much collective purchasing can save your organization!

Extended Health Care

Dental Health Care

Plan Highlights:

Client Testimonials

“Since we have been a member of the Collective Purchasing plan, we have maximized the value of every dollar that we spend on our employee benefits plan, and we have eliminated spending needless money on plan administration.”

“In addition to the savings that we have been able to realize by joining another successful collective purchasing plan, we have also greatly benefited from the proactive, and useful consulting services that Benefits Partners provides. We are now able to accurately plan and budget for the future.”
VP Finance

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