Educational Partnerships


The OGCA now offers continuing education programs to our members through a new partnership with Vubiz.

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At WorkShield we believe that Mediocrity is the Enemy of Excellence!

We challenge the “Status Quo” by continuously improving training methods and utilizing innovative technology to meet the needs of our industry.

“Providing Mandatory Health and Safety Awareness training for the Ontario Construction Industry” is our primary mandate!

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Formed in 1995, Leading Edge Group is recognized across Ontario, Canada and globally as a leader in Lean education and consulting across numerous sectors. We deliver both consulting and training services that are designed specifically for the construction industry and all types of construction organization – small, medium and large companies including general, mechanical and electrical contractors; sub trades; road builders; architects; professional engineers; project managers; etc.

We offer a complete suite of Lean training and certification programs – from awareness level to more advanced application that will equip construction professionals and organizations with the necessary tools and mindset to bring continuous improvement to life.

Leading Edge Group’s consultancy services range from incremental, single-point improvements to large-scale transformations. These services are based on clear objectives with a prescribed return on investment for each client consulting engagement. Our responsibility does not end with recommendations; we focus on ensuring that the work we perform has a validated impact post completion.

Above all, Leading Edge Group’s mission is to openly share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to enable them to transform their operations in a sustainable manner with an inclusive culture of improvement.
Leading Edge Group is proud to partner with the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) to bring Lean Construction education and training to construction professionals and organizations across Ontario, commencing with introductory workshops at White and Yellow Belt levels.

Watch Information Session on Lean Construction WEBEX Video (1 hr 9 min)