COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

The COVID-19 second dose vaccinations are now available to everyone in Ontario. This is an important step for all construction employees to protect themselves, keeping their families and co-workers safe. Ontario’s construction industry has done exceptionally well. We have kept our COVID-19 workplace cases to 2% of all reported cases while staying mostly open as essential workplaces. This has been achieved at a significant cost with strict health and safety requirements, including restrictions, procedures, and delays. Our personal lives have also been impacted, friends and family have been sick, and it continues to be a very difficult situation.

The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development Prevention Council has issued a statement promoting the rollout of vaccines and asking employers to as leaders “help boost vaccination rates and save lives.” It is an important message that as employers, we have the responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to keep our workers safe.

Working in collaboration with Norm Keith at KPMG Law, the OGCA has developed a practical workplace vaccination policy for our members. The purpose of the template policies is to encourage vaccination in the workplace and establish a way to track employees that have been vaccinated while ensuring employees and site staff’s privacy and workplace rights are maintained. These records must be kept in secure company records, and formal authorization must be given from the employee to record this information.

We recognize that not everyone can be vaccinated. Still, we have to protect our workers on site and our families back home by reaching maximum vaccine protection in the construction industry.

The editable policies include the following:

  • voluntary authorization to retain medical information regarding COVID-19 vaccination
  • confirmation that the employee received both vaccine doses
  • confirmation of the date and location where they received the first dose of the vaccination
  • confirmation of the date of the second dose of the vaccination

To meet the diverse needs of OGCA members’ organizational needs, we have developed two versions of the vaccination policy and draft internal communications encouraging vaccination: