In addition to our By-Laws, the Association has the authority to create policies to deal with specific concerns. There are currently twenty one (21) Statements of Policy. Policies cover a wide area of topics: Freedom of Enterprise, Safety, Change Orders and Standard Documents to name a few. Members are required to make themselves aware of these policies and to support them when dealing with issues to which they apply. Policies are regularly revisited at Annual General Meetings.

To view our Policies, click here Statements of Policy (.pdf, 204.7 KB)


1. Freedom of Enterprise
2. Government Relations
3. Labour Relations
4. Safety
5. Education and Training
6. Separate Tenders and Separate Contracts
7. Local Preference Issue
8. Selection of Bidders
9. Drawings and Specifications
10. Issuance of Addenda
11. Non-Refundable Deposit Recovery Program
12. Payment Provisions in Contracts
13. Change Orders and Their Valuation
14. Bid Security
15. Re-Bidding
16. Architect/Contractor Take-Over Procedures
17. Policy Re: Formal Bid
18. Standard Documents
19. Subtrade Bonding
20. Environmental Responsibility
21. Amendments