The OGCA actively participated in achieving changes to the Standard Supplementary Conditions for CCDC 2 and OAA 600, its construction and consulting contracts by advocating on behalf of their members through the Strategic Opportunities Committee (SOC) of the Ontario Reality Corporation (ORC).

The OGCA fought ardently that the previous policy was unrealistic in the expectation that As-Built-Drawings should be completed prior to submitting the application for Substantial Performance. In addition, the SOC has set in place a process to help ensure that the contractor is preparing the As-Built-Drawings during the course of the construction to ensure that important information is not missed.  In addition, the OGCA advocated for the removal of the Bonding requirement relating to prequalification to ORC Source Lists (previously referred to as Vendor of Record lists) for projects with construction costs less than $200,000.00. The OGCA also assisted with the development of a scaled approach to bonding requirements in order for contractors to qualify for larger projects.