2015 Safety Achievement Awards

OGCA was pleased to present many of the safety award winners with their plaques and certificates for their safety achievements up to 2015. An event was held at Verdi Banquet Hall on Friday, September 30, at which time we heard from Elizabeth Witmer, President of WSIB, George Gritziotis, Chief Prevention Officer and Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn. Over 150 people attended this session which will now become a regular event for the OGCA.

Also presented during the event were the League of Champions jerseys and charters. Rob Ellis and Frank Perricone, along with Minister Flynn, helped present these items to the latest members of the League.

Category I Over 200,000 Derived Hours Worked without an LTI over a three year period (2013 – 2015) – PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

Category II  Between 100,000 and 200,000 Derived Hours Worked without an LTI over a three year period (2013 – 2015) – StuCor Construction Ltd.

Category III Under 100,000 Derived Hours Worked without an LTI over a three year period (2013 – 2015) – B.L.T. Construction Services Inc.

Over One Million Derived Hours Worked without an LTI:

Aecon Buildings
Alberici Constructors, Ltd.
Curran Contractors Ltd.
EllisDon Corporation
Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Peak Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Over 500,000 Derived Hours Worked without an LTI:

Kenalex Construction Company  Limited
Rutherford Contracting Ltd.
Struct-Con Construction Ltd.
Walsh Canada

Zero Accident Frequency Awards

2015-Timbro Design/Build Contractors
2015-STM Construction Ltd.
2015-Serianni Construction Ltd.
2015-Schiedel Construction Incorporated
2015-ROSSCLAIR Contractors Inc.
2015-Penn-Co Construction Canada (2003) Ltd.
2015-Mike Moore Construction Ltd.
2015-Gateman-Milloy Inc.
2015-Frecon Construction Limited
2015-Carillion Construction Inc.
2015-Buttcon Limited
2015-Abtrex Contractors Inc.
2015-784437 Ontario Ltd., Snyder Construction
2015-2124140 Ontario Inc., O/A Praztek Construction
2014-2015-TRP Construction General Contractors
2014-2015-Triple Crown Enterprises Ltd. (TCE)
2014-2015-Tribury Construction (1995) Inc.
2014-2015-Steelcore Construction Ltd.
2014-2015-Northern Structures Ltd.
2014-2015-North America General Contractor Ltd.
2014-2015-Marant Construction Limited
2014-2015-Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.
2014-2015-J.J. McGuire General Contractors
2014-2015-J.D. Strachan Construction Limited
2014-2015-Ingenuity Development Inc.
2014-2015-EllisDon Construction Ltd.
2014-2015-Elite Construction Inc.
2014-2015-Devlan Construction Ltd.
2014-2015-Demik Construction LP
2014-2015-DeMan Construction Corp.
2014-2015-David J. Cupido Construction
2014-2015-Cooper Construction Limited
2014-2015-Canadian Turner Construction Company Ltd.
2014-2015-Brown Daniels Associates Inc.
2014-2015-Bird Construction Inc.
2013-2015-Taplen Commercial Construction Inc.
2013-2015-Silver Birch Contracting Ltd.
2013-2015-Quinan Construction Limited
2013-2015-PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
2013-2015-Monteith Building Group Ltd.
2013-2015-James Kemp Construction Ltd.
2013-2015-H.I.R.A. Limited General Contractor
2013-2015-GEN-PRO (1320376 Ontario Ltd.)
2013-2015-Geertsma Construction (1988) Ltd.
2013-2015-Dalren Limited
2013-2015-Curran Contractors Ltd.
2013-2015-Bennett Mechanical Installations (2001) Ltd.
2013-2015-Aecon Buildings Group
2012-2015-The Dalton Company Ltd.
2012-2015-ROMAG Contracting Ltd.
2012-2015-P&C General Contracting Ltd.
2012-2015-Merit Contractors Niagara
2012-2015-McKay-Cocker Construction Limited
2012-2015-Laing O’Rourke Canada Ltd.
2012-2015-Integrated Building & Design Corporation
2012-2015-Harbridge & Cross Limited
2012-2015-Grassmere Construction Ltd.
2012-2015-Giffels Corporation
2012-2015-Eastern Construction Company Limited
2012-2015-DCL Management Limited
2012-2015-Bradanick Construction Services Inc.
2012-2015-Ball Construction Ltd.
2012-2015-Aveiro Constructors Limited
2012-2015-Allied Construction Corporation
2012-2015-Alberici Constructors, Ltd.
2011-2015-W.E. Marshall Construction (1986) Ltd.
2011-2015-StuCor Construction Ltd.
2011-2015-OLAR LIMITED General Contractors
2011-2015-Martin-Stewart Contracting Ltd.
2011-2015-LaRo Construction
2011-2015-Jeviso Construction Corporation
2011-2015-Graceview Enterprises Inc.
2011-2015-Gillam Group Inc.
2011-2015-Century Group Inc.
2011-2015-Build North Construction Inc.
2011-2015-BBS Construction (Ontario) Ltd.
2011-2015-Agri-Urban Buildings Inc.
2010-2015-Walsh Canada
2010-2015-Matheson Constructors Limited
2010-2015-K.E. Bush Construction Ltd.
2010-2015-Allen-Hastings Limited
2009-2015-Rutherford Contracting Ltd.
2009-2015-Collaborative Structures Limited
2009-2015-Bestco Construction (2005) Ltd.
2009-2015-B.L.T Construction Services Inc.
2009-2015-Al Langman Construction (1998) Inc.
2008-2015-W.S. Morgan Construction Limited
2008-2015-TOFCON Construction Inc.
2008-2015-Ross & Anglin Ontario Ltd.
2008-2015-Remo General Contracting Ltd.
2008-2015-Peak Engineering & Construction Ltd.
2008-2015-Melloul-Blamey Construction Inc.
2008-2015-Ledcor Construction Limited
2008-2015-Emmons & Mitchell Construction (2000) Limited
2008-2015-Barclay Construction Group Inc.
2007-2015-Somerville Construction
2007-2015-S.G. Cunningham (Kitchener) Limited
2007-2015-M.J. Dixon Construction Limited
2007-2015-D. Grant Construction Limited
2007-2015-Alpeza General Contracting Inc.
2006-2015-Struct-Con Construction Ltd.
2006-2015-Horizon General Contracting Inc.
2006-2015-G.S. Wark Limited
2005-2015-Towsley Construction Co. Inc.
2005-2015-Stahle Construction Inc.
2005-2015-Massicotte Construction Ltd.
2005-2015-KMA Contracting Inc.
2005-2015-Jensen Building Ltd.
2005-2015-H.M. Brooks (Oshawa) Limited
2005-2015-Grossi Construction
2004-2015-Pegah Construction Ltd.
2004-2015-Newman Bros. Limited
2004-2015-Mark V. Wilson Builder/Contractor Co. Ltd.
2004-2015-Demikon Construction Ltd.
2004-2015-CGV Builders
2003-2015-Torcom Construction Inc.
2003-2015-Nith Valley Construction (2008) Ltd.
2002-2015-Chant Limited
2001-2015-Newton Group Ltd.
2001-2015-Newgen Construction Corporation
2001-2015-Elmwood Contracting Inc.
2001-2015-Dineen Construction Corporation
2000-2015-T.A. Andre and Sons (Ontario) Limited
2000-2015-Garritano Bros. Ltd.
1999-2015-Inzola Construction Inc.
1999-2015-Bondfield Construction Company Ltd.
1998-2015-Mirtren Contractors Limited
1998-2015-Berkim Construction Inc.
1996-2015-Trist Construction Limited
1995-2015-Kenalex Construction Company Limited
1994-2015-Pre-Eng Contracting Ltd.
1994-2015-D.C. Snelling Limited
1990-2015-Ira McDonald Construction Ltd.
1983-2015-Kara Consultants Inc.