Health & Safety

Strategic Goal for Health and Safety: Promote excellence among our members and within the industry.

OGCA was founded over 75 years ago to in part promote and establish health and safety in the construction industry. As an organisation we have founded the Construction Safety Association, piloted and helped to launch the Safety Groups program and now we have partnered with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association to establish the CORâ„¢ program in Ontario. Over this time we have worked tirelessly to promote safety in an industry that is high risk. Our membership has now established a record that is more than 50% better than its industry comparators and we will continue to work to be better; to eliminate workplace accidents.

The CORâ„¢ program is now the focus of our efforts. In 2011 we partnered with IHSA to bring the program to Ontario. The goal is to raise the standards of injury and illness prevention and to establish a measure of health and safety excellence.

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