Health & Safety

OGCA was founded over 75 years ago to in part promote and establish health and safety in the construction industry. Safety is a priority for all our members.

As an organization we have founded the Construction Safety Association, piloted and helped to launch the Safety Groups program and now we have partnered with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association to establish the COR™ program in Ontario. Over this time we have worked tirelessly to promote safety in an industry that is high risk. Our membership has now established a record that is more than 50% better than its industry comparators and we will continue to work to be better; to eliminate workplace accidents.

Toolbox Talks:

A safety talk, known to many general contractors as a “toolbox talk,” is a hands-on way to remind workers that health and safety are important on the job. Safety talks also demonstrate the commitment of employers and workers to health and safety.

The IHSA has a fantastic library of toolbox talks. Each talk takes about five minutes and can help workers recognize and control hazards on the project. You can find the library and tools to help you write your own safety talk on the IHSA Safety Talk Resources Page.

More Toolbox Talks about construction health and safety:

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