Innovation is radically changing the construction industry. Nine out of ten contractors believe that new technologies are essential to the future of their business. General contractors may lead the way in new investment, but our industry knows that investing in technology is not something contractors can do lightly. Construction’s margins are small as it is, and the growing complexity of projects is adding costs at all stages of projects. With cost, delays and revenue always top of mind, businesses expect technology investments to work.

The OGCA Innovation Committee’s objective is to share information with OGCA members and the general construction community on new technologies and industry innovation. Together, we Identify, explore, and critique recent construction industry technology trends and better understand ICI general contractors’ needs in Ontario.

Whether it’s a new piece of hardware, a new software tool, or a new way of communicating between the office and the field, our goal is for OGCA members to understand the solutions to their most challenging contracting problems.


There are several significant organizations and partners available to general contractors looking for information on construction technology. See the list of resources below: