Membership Application

OGCA Membership Disclaimer

Attention applicant, in order to be granted access to the Ontario General Contractors Association (“OGCA”) membership applications you must first agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only those companies performing the majority of their work as a General Contractor will be considered for membership. Should you not satisfy the criteria for membership, provided by the Board of Directors, your company will not be granted access to any member services.
  2. The submission of a membership application does not constitute immediate membership to the OGCA nor does it provide the applicant with any access to OGCA member services.
  3. The following membership application information will be collected and retained by the OGCA solely for membership purposes and will not be distributed, produced or sold to entities outside of the OGCA.
  4. Once the fully completed membership application has been submitted, it will be processed and vetted accordingly by OGCA staff. Furthermore, said application will be provided for review to the “OGCA Approval Committee” and finally be tabled for review and possible approval by the full OGCA Board of Directors. Please be advised that the process for membership is not complete until such time as this application has been tabled and approved by the full Board of Directors at a scheduled Board meeting.

The OGCA retains all rights and directives to refuse membership to any applicant without recourse or explanation.

I AGREE to the terms and conditions noted above.