About Our Association

The OGCA is the pro-active voice for all general contracting issues across the Province of Ontario.

For more than 82 years the OGCA has diligently worked to build Ontario by directly assisting our members to deliver construction excellence in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Sectors. Our members include small, medium and large firms representing both union and open-shop contractors.

Our members account for approximately 70% of all of Ontario’s Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) projects and the majority of all Alternative Finance Projects (AFPs).

Our Mission

“Representing a diverse group of professional general contractors, we inform, advocate, and lead to drive member success and elevate a dynamic industry.”

Our Vision

To help our members build a better Ontario.

The OGCA carries out its mission by serving its members in the following key areas:

  • ADVOCACY: OGCA will advance the interests of members by elevating the influence of the organization through expansion of advocacy and outreach to government, industry, and buyers of construction.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: OGCA will champion health and safety in the construction industry through guiding change, being proactive, and supporting member companies, and the broader construction industry in improving safety culture.
  • ENGAGEMENT:  Through effective, ongoing communication with our members, future members, and stakeholders, the OGCA will empower, guide and inspire industry leaders resulting in successful relationships and a growing OGCA membership.
  • INNOVATION: OGCA will empower construction and technology leaders to identify, evaluate, and communicate relevant and useful innovations for the industry.

Our History

OGCA Founding Meeting

Our association was conceived over 80 years ago from an active desire to adequately bridge the gap between national and regional associations on all issues affecting general contractors.

As far back as the first meeting, the OGCA’s stated objective was the protection and advancement of the interests of the general contractors and the safety of our workers in the Province. We take pride in our rich history and have maintained an active membership since 1939.