Staff Directory

  • Giovanni Cautillo


    Ready to assist you with:

    • Tender and Contract Problems
    • Liaison with other associations, including CCA
    • Liaison with Architects, Engineers and Owners
    • Government Liaison
    • E-Newsletters
    • Industry Liaison Committees

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  • David Frame

    Director of Government Relations

    Ready to assist you with:

    • Government Relations
    • Policy Development
    • Health and Safety
    • WSIB
    • Marketing and Communications

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  • Daniela Polsoni

    Manager, Operations and Engagement

    Ready to assist you with:

    • Tender Issues
    • Events
    • Directory & The Generals Magazine
    • E-Newsletter
    • Special Projects
    • Member services

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  • Erich Schmidt

    Manager, Public Affairs and Innovation

    Ready to assist you with:

    • Innovation
    • Design Technology
    • Government Relations
    • Government Outreach
    • Communications and Media Relations
    • Issues Management
    • Policy Development

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  • Khoa Ly-Kilis

    Manager, Programs

    Ready to assist you with:

    • Pathways to ICI Construction
    • Training and skills development
    • Access to skilled employment opportunities
    • Liaison between members, partner agencies and consultants
    • Industry and member outreach

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  • Judy Hollins

    Reception and Document Orders

    Ready to assist you with:

    • Document Sales
    • Membership Packages
    • Administrative Assistance

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  • Judith Reda

    The League of Champions Program Coordinator

    Ready to assist you with:

    • Membership in the League of Champions
    • Safety advocacy and egagements
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Purchasing of additional products / jerseys

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  • Sabrina Tropiano

    Communications and Engagement Coordinator

    Ready to assist you with:

    • Social Media
    • Communications and web development
    • Stakeholder Relations
    • Member Events

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