Procore Correspondence

Proper documentation of correspondence is paramount to the success of construction projects of all sizes. Procore’s new Correspondence tool consolidates and connects the entire scope of business processes on a project from design and construction through closeout. With everything easily accessible in one place, contractors can minimize risk and speed up project communication.

This new feature is especially useful when you are taking over project management and cannot access the communication history.  When correspondence is managed in Procore, it becomes instantly reportable and allows general contractors to surface new insights that were previously impossible or time-consuming to gather. And with markups, you can link any piece of correspondence to a drawing so that the context is clear. Finally, administrators can easily set permission templates to ensure you have complete and granular control over who sees what.

The Correspondence tool will be available to Procore customers right now. To start using the Correspondence tool, read the Getting Started with the Correspondence Tool user guide.