AON Technology Corner

The OGCA Innovation Corner is a collaborative effort of the Innovation Committee. Together we have been working to identify, explore, and critique new construction industry technology trends and information needs. Technological advancements will help make the construction industry operate on a more efficient and effective basis. The innovation corner would not be possible without the help of the AON Technology Corner.

As general contractors, we know that any steps to improve productivity and efficiency on the job site are valuable. Over the past five years, the influx of new technology being developed has dramatically changed our job sites. Investments in technology also can profoundly impact the risks involved in construction projects and within asset management, such as safety risk and design risk.

Aon is a real innovation leader. They understand that investments in technology are valuable to our industry’s long-term success and have taken steps to profile different construction technology and asset management companies for their clients. Each profile gives an overview of the technology, addresses its risk treatment potential, and identifies what insurance policies its implementation could impact. You can find out more about the AON Technology Corner here.