OGCA’s Call to Action on Recent Construction Fatalities

The Ontario General Contractors Association is calling on all contractors to immediately meet with their management teams and workers to deliver a message that nothing is more important than safety, to use caution and to stay focused on the job at hand. Our commitment must be that every worker returns home safe to their family.

We are distressed by the rash of workplace fatalities on our province’s construction sites in the last few days. Our hearts go out to all the families, friends, colleagues and co-workers of those now dealing with this tragedy. Construction is often referred to as a family, and collectively we are all hurting.

With all the stresses of COVID-19, the changes in seasons, and the rush to finish work before the holiday season, it is essential that everyone comes to work fully fit for duty, focused on the tasks at hand, and that contractors put safety above all other pressures.

At the OGCA, we are committed to making Ontario one of the safest places in the world to work. We work from the perspective that one injury is too many and that every accident is preventable. We will never be satisfied and will work tirelessly to improve safety.

Now is the time for the industry to stop and focus on what is important. Now is time for us to remain steadfast in our commitment to safety.

The OGCA is strongly recommending that all contractors across the province take a moment for a Safety Stand Down with their workers to reflect on these recent tragedies. After reflecting, we encourage a safety talk, noting that safety is everyone’s responsibility, that workers and supervisors need to stay focused, and that the construction industry needs to remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring every member of our construction family goes home safely.

If you have questions about health and safety, please visit our health and safety page or contact Erich Schmidt, Government and Stakeholder Relations Associate, at erich@ogca.wpengine.com.