COMPASS Risk Management

Compass is a suite of construction software modules designed to create a seamless integration between all stakeholders within the preconstruction workflow.  A secure, third-party application that gathers, organizes and analyzes Subcontractor data to produce an unbiased assessment of execution ability. The COMPASS system is used as a tool in a General Contractors pre-qualification process. The goal for COMPASS’ founders was to build technology to integrate with current systems and help Construction Partners through transition and optimize new tech.

Through seamless prequalification, general contractors are able to mitigate risks for defects, property damage, safety risks and loss of productivity.  COMPASS’ features also include a centralized data entry allowing Subcontractors to satisfy diverse data requests through one system. This gives subcontractors full authorization control of which entities can view their raw data and a unique interface for subcontractors to view their COMPASS output and relative standing within their primary trade type.

For more information on COMPASS, read their AON Technology Profile and visit their website