KWANT.AI is a real-time construction Jobsite intelligence platform to increase productivity and safety. Using wearables (Kwant sensors) and mobile devices, combined with a cloud-based analytics platform, KWANT.AI collects workforce location, activities, fall and time data. When a falls or safety incident occurs, the sensors send an instant notification to the assigned manager.

Comparing planned hours and schedule to actual progress and working hours, its proprietary algorithm then provides insights on hours and recommends accurate schedule durations. It also highlights the high-risk activities, crews and workers, which enables proactive data-driven decision making.

The benefits of using KWANT.AI include:

  • Predicting delays based on historical data, planned schedule and actual job site data. Prioritize critical activities with root case to forecast & mitigate the risk.
  • Early detection of slip and fall. Instant safety incident alerts, which reduces response time.
  • Accurate insight on daily earned value to production rate. Analyze daily profit and loss for proactive action to increase profits.

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