OnSiteIQ is a leading visual documentation and risk assessment platform for construction projects. Their data collectors use a 360-degree camera to capture imagery as they perform weekly walkthroughs of all accessible building floors, then upload that media to the platform.

With the OnSiteIQ platform, general contractors can map the walkthroughs to the associated building floor plans and provide 360-degree views at dozens of points along a walkthrough path. This enables users to navigate back and forth in time to monitor progress and changes between walkthroughs for a single point. It also lets General Contractors and team members inspect and track the site for quality and safety.

For government projects, OnSiteIQ can be especially useful as it allows project managers to have a full view of multiple sites and verify change orders and append updates for on-site teams. This ensures the quality needed by government-regulated facilities. Increased transparency and accountability across the board is also useful to provide comprehensive photo documentation.

When GC’s use advanced scanning technology like OnSiteIQ, progress, quality and safety can be monitored remotely outside the project. This is incredibly valuable in this current environment as sites are required to reduce the number of workers on work sites at a particular time.

For more information on OnSiteIQ, visit https://www.onsiteiq.io/.