Let CONSTRUCTR do the heavy lifting!

It has been over two years since the changes to Ontario’s Construction Act came into effect, and those first effective changes have modernized the construction lien itself, the rules regarding holdback, and most importantly prompt payment of invoices and the introduction of adjudication.

Navigating these changes is simplified with a new accounting software platform, CONSTRUCTR.  Designed specifically for the Ontario construction industry, CONSTRUCTR tracks invoices and payments and ensures your business is compliant under the new Ontario Construction Act.  Once an invoice is entered, CONSTRUCTR tracks all relevant invoice dates and even creates custom dispute forms if you need them.

Savvy contractors are making themselves aware of the implications of the Act and are taking control of their payments – but you don’t need to do this alone!  CONSTRUCTR is easy to use, gives visibility into your payments and can easily integrate with your existing financial system.

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