Eddy Solutions

Water continues to be the most prevailing and costliest risk to property owners of all types, accounting for the majority of all property related insurance claims, more than doubling since 2015, and more than tripled in high rise buildings. A recent Canadian Underwriter article highlighted the growing concerns of water damage from building infrastructure, stating, “Some industry experts say a sharp increase in water damage caused by aging and inadequate pipes is actually costing the industry much more per year than natural catastrophes.”

Eddy’s Intelligent Leak Detection System helps reduce a building’s risk for water damage. With a combination of sensors and shutoffs to provide remote and automatic shut off capabilities ensuring the property is protected against the risks of water damage. In addition, key features include behavioural learning, access to all data through our dashboard and support with our 24/7 monitoring.

Construction sites are consistently vulnerable to water damage. Eddy’s system provides protection with sensors in host suites and shutoffs in the temporary and main feed lines, with visibility into water events as they occur. The system will proactively shutdown the water onsite and alert staff to prevent water issues, mitigating the risk of water damage related project delays.

In commercial, retail, and multi-family buildings, Eddy enables Property Management to remotely monitor for leaks, flow, and usage without requiring physical inspection. Management has full visibility of the water situation in their properties, providing them with the assurance that building operations will not be interrupted due to a flood, and valuable insights on how to reduce overall consumption.

To help protect their clients and further mitigate against these risks, Marsh JT Specialty, a proud APP member of the OGCA, has partnered with Eddy Solutions to offer their clients a 15% discount on Eddy’s award-winning leak protection system. Go here to read Marsh’s latest blog to learn more and take advantage of this exclusive offer.