Rhumbix is a cloud-based platform built for construction firms. Using Rhumbix, general contractors can gather real-time field data on construction projects using a combination of mobile and web-based applications specifically designed for front-line field personnel and project managers.

Today’s construction ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are built primarily to support finance and accounting workflows, and are not optimised for capturing, storing and leveraging field data. This often means that the details on what is happening in the field is disconnected from and inaccessible to project teams.

Rhumbix gathers accurate insights at a level of detail that is especially suited for controlling complex, dynamic operations across various work processes, including time and attendance, production and progress, labour productivity, change management and complex field reporting.

By augmenting and empowering existing systems and processes, Rhumbix allows users to utilize their existing backend solutions while overcoming the challenges inherent in traditional, manual field data capture and reporting protocols.

For more information on Rhumbix, read their AON Technology Profile or visit Rhumbix.com.