Ontario Government Brings GO-VAXX Bus to Construction Sites

The Government of Ontario and Metrolinx have partnered with the construction industry for a new, convenient option for construction employers to encourage workers on-site to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. Two (2) GO buses have been converted to serve as mobile vaccine clinics as part of the province’s last-mile strategy to target those who have yet to receive a first or second dose.

The program is designed to get to workplaces and communities that will take advantage of this opportunity to protect workplaces and communities. This is an excellent opportunity for larger construction sites to encourage full vaccination and provide easy access to it.

The GO-VAXX buses are administering the Pfizer vaccine. The busses can vaccinate up to 160 persons a day and can be scheduled to visit a few sites in a day.

Starting September 8, GO-VAXX buses will travel to construction sites around the Golden Horseshoe Region every Wednesday.

Each bus operates as a fully functioning vaccine clinic with the necessary supplies and trained staff to assist people and ensure vaccines are administered safely. All COVID-19 safety precautions will be followed on board, including the required pre-vaccination screening and post-vaccination monitoring.

OGCA is working with the Ministry of Health to identify the opportunities and book the GO-VAXX bus. If your organization is interested in having the GO-VAXX bus visit your workplace or construction site, don’t hesitate to contact David@ogca.wpengine.com to secure a date.

For more information on the News Release – Ontario Deploying Last Mile Strategy to Further Increase Vaccination Rates – please click here.