Maestro: A comprehensive management platform for construction contractors

maestro*ERP is a platform that can manage your projects, do your accounting, pay your employees, and manage your billing, tools, equipment, and more. maestro*ERP is an everyday ally, there to facilitate, regroup, and monitor all o

f your business activities. Because maestro*ERP is cloud-based, users can benefit from all of its many features at any time, no matter where they are. We understand what’s it like for contractors working in the construction field: that’s why we’ve created a virtual office especially for you, allowing unlimited access to all of your data, in real time. Maestro makes construction management easier for more than 600 companies across North America! (click the pic for more info)

There are many benefits to using a cloud environment, including:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Increased computer security
  • Increased access to data
  • Increased collaboration between employees
  • Increased effectiveness of site projects

Maestro has also launched Maestro*MOBILE for effective communication with all of your workers.

Stay up-to-date in real time, about employees’ schedules, requests for labour or specialized equipment, individual workers’ skills and certificates, etc. maestro*MOBILE will allow you to plan and manage your site efficiently: no more wasted time or double-bookings with all workers.