OGCA Members Continue Exemplary Safety Record

TORONTO – Today, the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) members were recognized for their ongoing commitment to health and safety at the OGCA Safety Awards.

Among the safest employers of any industry in Ontario, the 195 members of the OGCA reduced Lost Time Injury (LTI) frequency by 10% from .20 in 2019 to .18 in 2020. The ICI construction industry has had a great year reducing the LTI rate from 1.12 in 2019 to .96 in 2020.

“Our members’ focus on operating the safest worksites sets a leading standard in the construction industry,” said Giovanni Cautillo. “Our longstanding efforts to establish a safety culture, promote COR™ and educate our members in the significant advantages of safety excellence have made our industry safer. The OGCA is working each day with our members and partners to build best practices that work.”

Construction is now one of the safer industries in Ontario compared to the Schedule 1 industry average of 1.07. OGCA and the League of Champions are leading a long-term trend to a much safer Ontario construction industry.

The culture of safety and investment in health and safety has supported a long-term trend that has established Ontario construction as a world leader.


Category 1 – (over 200,001 derived hours worked over a three-year period 2018-2020) PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

Category 2 – (between 100,001 and 200,000 derived hours worked over a three-year period 2018-2020) Cambria Design Build Ltd.

Category 3 – (under 100,000 derived hours worked over a three-year period 2018-2020) G.S. Wark Limited

Over 3 million derived hours worked – Alberici Constructors, Ltd.

Over 2 million derived hours worked

Eastern Construction Company Limited

Magil Construction Ontario Inc.

Newman Bros. Limited

Pomerleau Inc.

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

Over 1 million derived hours worked

Curran Contractors Ltd.

Kenalex Construction Company Limited

Sullivan & Son Limited

Matheson Constructors Limited

Melloul-Blamey Construction Inc.

Rutherford Contracting Ltd.

For more information about the OGCA’s commitment to health and safety, please visit: https://ogca.ca/



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Erich Schmidt