OGCA Report: Building Pathways and Pipelines into ICI Construction

Between August and October of 2021, the OGCA convened a participatory research, consultation, and codesign process aimed at developing an industry-validated action plan to address the sector-wide shortage of Project Managers and Site Supervisors. The approach was to take two phases, the first phase was participatory research to better understand the shortage, and its impacts on general contractors. The second phase was the creation of the Workforce Action Group, a 11-member consultation group of OGCA members of all sizes and union affiliations.

The report details the findings and recommendations of that project, with sectoral research supporting those insights. The overall goal of this project was to generate the highest-impact solutions for GCs. In particular, the project focused on:

  • surfacing existing promising practices, priorities, and success criteria from GCs;
  • prototyping those concepts into sector-wide or scaled options;
  • and then using industry insight to tailor those solutions further.