SMARTBUILD Uses Industry Experience to Deliver Practical, Usable Software

So much of the construction tech available today was created by egg-heads who’ve never worked a day in the field.

Not that there’s anything wrong with egg-heads – they keep the world going round in lots of ways. But they don’t understand what happens on a day-to-day basis on a jobsite. They’re approaching the problem from ivory towers.

SMARTBUILD is challenging the current playing field. Software shouldn’t be priced on your success and revenue, or the number of users that need access, or the number of projects you have.

SMARTBUILD is different. Created by a team who’ve had boots on the ground in the construction field, SMARTBUILD gives you the tools to collect, track and analyze information from your jobs, without all the frills and click-heavy operation.

What’s the benefit to that? Well, it’s easy for your team to learn and use, for starters. There’s no sense buying a solution that’ll go unused, or one that requires a full learning course to understand. You’re busy enough already, right? You don’t need that.

What you need is a system that will tie all the documents, communications, RFIs, changes, shop drawings, progress financials and records (Photo, As-builts) from a project into one place. When you need the information, it’s there. Updates are made real-time so nobody’s left in the dark. Comments that impact the project aren’t tied up in Jerry’s email database.

SMARTBUILD puts 25+ years of construction project management experience into construction management software that can work for you.

To learn more, visit the SMARTBUILD Website!