Constructr Update – Solutions for Soil and Material Movement

ConstructR is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed to automate and digitize daily operations of soil and material movements, as well as trucking management, within the construction industry. It offers a wide variety of features and functions to optimize the trucking and material supply chains, while providing clear visibility to management teams on their day-to-day operations. The system uses geofencing technology, UTM coordinates, and cellphone GPS data to automate the data collection and recording process of material and soil movements.

ConstructR is a software comprised of three core capabilities:

  • Material ManagR: Digitize, manage, & track all aspects of deliveries by integrating drivers, brokers, dispatchers & site supervisors
  • Soil ManagR: Utilizing near real-time GPS locations & multi-point geo-fencing, for intelligent origin and destination tracking of excess soil for O. Reg 406/16 compliance.
  • Invoice ManagR: Ensure compliance to Ontario’s new Construction Act by tracking all project invoices, payment mechanisms, government forms, adjudication documentation, and automated project, management documentation & storage.

Other capabilities include:

  • Advance TransfR: Built-in tools for timesheets, commercial terms, submitting invoices, and tracking payments to enable advance payments to assist in cash flow management.
  • ReportR: Utilization of Machine Learning to improve efficiency and data availability for truck tracking operations, excess soils management, material delivery, and invoice management.

ConstructR has taken an innovate and advanced approach to how a construction Enterprise is regulation compliant while digitizing data and automating reports.

ConstructR has two main products that support Reg406/19, “Materials ManagR” and “Soil ManagR”. These products combine the best technologies that leverage GPS, Multi-point Geofencing, Digital IDS, Enterprise level data security, and private cloud. GPS locations & simple to use Geo-fencing track the points of origin and destination of excess soil.

Tracked data is then transformed into regulation-compliant reports with a couple of clicks. The platform’s advanced & automated reporting can be exported to allow for regular reporting & compliance needs. This integrated reporting also facilitates historical data auditing. With additional reporting features including:

  • Report function that lists the number total number of loads per driver per job and per date, with unique identifiers
  • Associated and flexible table types that align with O.REG406/19
  • Associated HWIN number per site for tracking and reporting
  • GPS-enabled multi-point geofences with automated load count functions
  • Upload of documents (PDF, Excel, Word) in the report that aligns with soil regulation and classification
  • Upload of waybills based on completed jobs and digitized timesheets

This solution allows construction enterprises to work smarter & ensure that data is being collected automatically, securely and can be trusted. ConstructR is a comprehensive SaaS platform that helps manage daily operations and while staying compliant to regulations without the burden of adding extra systems, tools or people. Businesses in Ontario are choosing ConstructR because it is smart, simple, trusted, and automates the process of compliance.

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