Ontario COR Firms Shown to be 28% Safer

Last Friday at Leadership Day, the IHSA presented a new report on the Ontario COR program.

The IHSA selected Dr. Chris McLeod to duplicate studies he completed on the effectiveness of COR in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The objective was “to determine if COR is associated with lower injury rates compared to similar firms.”

Ontario’s COR employers were 28% safer than similar firms, performing even better than COR employers in the other provinces.

In his presentation, Dr. McLeod explained his findings show a “large reduction in the injury rate for COR-certified firms in Ontario” and that “a future cost-effectiveness analysis may lead to a significant return on investment.”

OGCA has promoted the COR safety management system as an effective component of an effective safety system, and this study confirms the program works. Congratulations to all the COR-certified firms who have made their workplaces much safer.