The WSIB Increases Rebates for Health and Safety Excellence Program

The WSIB launched the Health and Safety Excellence program two years ago and many OGCA members have used the program to achieve COR, build their health and safety program and receive rebates.

The WSIB has just announced that they will significantly increase financial rebates to business with 100 or fewer employees in 2022.

The program has been very popular with construction employers as It has designed to encourage employers to complete modules that that will be used to achieve COR. Now the program has been adjusted so that the modules are streamlined so they are applied directly to the COR application.

The program will double the original rebate up to a cap of 75% of the employer’s premium. Up to $1000 will be paid to subsidise the fee of your program provider.

If you are currently enrolled in the program and have completed modules your rebate will be double retroactively.

The program is very helpful for construction employers and we encourage all OGCA members to consider taking advantage of it.

We will provide an update from the WSIB as more details are released.