Measuring your organization’s safety climate to choose Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEp) topics

This year, the LOC has launched a campaign on ‘Building and Measuring Your Safety Culture using the Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT)’ to promote and advance safety culture with its members and also build industry awareness. A strong safety culture to a core value for LOC members and this program will support building more effective programs.

The LOC is collaborating with NORCAT to support participants in the implementation of the SCAT.  As an organization, NORCAT is considered a global leader in skilled labour training and
development that focuses on developing and providing world-class programs, services and resources to reduce injuries, save lives and enhance productivity in the workplace. They will support participants in delivering and analyzing results.

A strong workplace culture is essential to running a business where health and safety are valued and embedded in day-to-day work. Research shows that a safe work climate or a workplace prioritizing health and safety can result in fewer workplace injuries and illnesses and improved employee well-being.  In an organization with a positive health and safety climate, every business level – including senior leadership, supervisors, health and safety personnel, employees, contractors, and customers – works together to prioritize health and safety. Research shows that leaders who value health and safety have safer, more productive, engaged employees.

This guide will assist businesses in measuring their organizational health and safety climate with the Safety Climate Assessment tool (S-CAT), highlighting how the S-CAT aligns with the
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)’s Health and Safety Excellence program.  Moreover, using the S-CAT as a leading indicator of a business’s health and safety program can be a compelling piece of evidence during WSIB validation of Excellence program topics.  NORCAT will provide the necessary resources to guide and support members with information, planning, scheduling and completion of the S-CAT. As an approved HSEp provider, NORCAT can further assist members with choosing and implementing HSEp topics to strengthen their safety climate.

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