COVID-19 Information for General Contractors

As of March 21, 2022, the Ontario government will be lifting the mask mandate in many indoor public settings on March 21.

Masks will no longer be required in workplaces, including construction sites.

The Province will also lift all other regulatory requirements for businesses, including passive screening and safety plans. Reporting requirements remain to local Public Health Units and the WSIB.

The mask mandate will remain in place for higher-risk settings such as transit, long-term care, retirement homes, hospitals, shelters, jails and congregate care and living settings. As directives are revoked, individual organizations will continue to have the authority to keep requirements in place. PPE and rapid antigen tests will continue to be provided to support health and safety in these settings.

You can find more information about the lifting of requirements in the Living with and Managing COVID-19 Technical Medial Briefing.

Case and Contact Management Isolation
Due to the unique characteristics of Omicron, case and contact management and isolation guidelines are being updated to minimize the burden to employers.

New guidelines will require the following:

Isolation Requirements for non-household close contacts No isolation requirements for any groups. For ten (10) days after exposure, all close contacts should:

  • Self-monitor for symptoms
  • Wear a mask and avoid activities where mask removal would be necessary
Isolation requirements for household close contacts The following household members do not need to self-isolate but should follow the above precautions for the (10) days:

  • Household members that have previously tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 90 days
  • Household members that are 18+ and have received their booster dose
  • Household members that are under 18 but are fully vaccinated

Household members that do not meet the above criteria must self-isolate as per current requirements.


The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, in co-operation with the OGCA, has established Construction site health and safety during COVID-19

To help employers the Ministry has made a tip sheet to ensure everyone is kept safe.

The government has made screening mandatory as per Ontario Regulation 364/20 and provided a new COVID-19 Screening Tool For Workplaces to help employers keep workplaces safe. The Ministry has also released a new page outlining what employers can do to help control exposure to COVID-19 at meal and break periods.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers must take every reasonable precaution to protect workers’ health and safety. This includes protecting workers from hazards posed by infectious diseases. Guidance has been provided on using masks in the workplace, and the IHSA has provided information on construction facility hygiene during COVID-19.




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