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The Ontario General Contractors Association is a progressive organization that relies on our members’ commitment to construction excellence. We are the only provincial association which is strictly dedicated to General Contractors in the ICI sector.

If you stand apart from the rest of the contracting community, and are interested in joining us to build Ontario, call the OGCA today at 905-671-3969 and share in our dedication to the general contractors of Ontario. You must be a General Contractor in the ICI sector, have been in business for a minimum of one year, and pay your WSIB premiums under Rate Group 723.

Download the membership application or complete the form below.

2017_2018 Membership Application Form

2017/2018 Membership Categories and fees are as follows (fees effective May 29, 2017):

Category Ontario Construction Volume Annual Fee
Category 1 Up to $5,000,000 $1,329.94 + $172.90 HST = $1,502.84
Category 2 $5,000,001 – $25,000,000 $4,255.78 + $553.26 HST = $4,809.04
Category 3 $25,000,001 – $75,000,000 $6,460.27+ $839.84 HST = $7,300.11
Category 4 75,000,001 – $150,000,000 $10,608.22 + $1,379.07 HST = $11,987.29
Category 5 Over $150,000,001 $14,851.29 + $1,930.67 HST = $16,781.96

Membership Application Form

I/We hereby make application for membership in the Ontario General Contractors Association, with all rights and privileges pertaining thereto, and if accepted, agree to conform to the By-laws of the Association.

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Include all projects under any form of contract: lump sum, negotiated, construction management, design-build, etc. For Construction Management contracts, include the total construction cost (not just the fee).