Construction Against Racism Everywhere (CARE)

OGCA is proud of the incredibly diverse and multicultural workforce in the construction industry. We acknowledge that having people from all backgrounds highly benefits our industry, as it offers unique perspectives that lead to new innovative ideas. Our ability to work together and respect each other has been the backbone of achieving excellence in construction and continues to help us better serve the communities in which we build.

OGCA has always taken a leadership role in the fight against racism and discrimination. Any form of racism, discrimination or hate is not welcome in the construction industry.

OGCA, representing more than 200 ICI General Contractors in Ontario, along with members of the RESCON Anti-Racism Roundtable are “Construction Against Racism Everywhere” (CARE).

The CARE Commitment

The RESCON Anti-Racism Roundtable will provide a forum for leading industry associations to work together to address the immediate challenges of systemic and overt anti-Black racism in the construction industry while consistently fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion of all underrepresented minorities within our workforce for the long term.

CARE Approach

The RESCON CARE Anti-Racism Roundtable brings together Builders, Sub-Trades, Education Stakeholders, Employment Agencies, the Provincial and Municipal Government, and Unions to develop short- and long-term goals surrounding racism in construction.

Get Involved!

Show your support for the CARE campaign by signing the CARE Committment and distributing CARE badges to workers on site! If you would like to join, contact